Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Resident Advisor's Top Albums of 2010

This long awaited (well, comparatively long awaited) list from electronica's foremost coverers Resident Advisor doesn't disappoint. It's one of the neatest albums list we've seen here at Il Buono, and we're excited that it's more Il Buono-friendly than we would've expected. Oftentimes RA picks a bunch of European dance records we've never heard. Such is not as much the case this year. (The "we" I've been referring to, of course, is the royal "we.") My favorite feature of this list besides its good taste is that several of the blurbs are written by the artists themselves. Neat-o! Anyhow, the top ten is after the jump, original is here.

10. Matthew Dear--Black City
While it didn't quite meet my expectations, it's still very good.
9. Mount Kimbie--Crooks & Lovers
I've only heard "Carbonated," which is good...
8. Scuba--Triangulation
Never heard it. It's now on my to-do list (if I had a to-do list).
7. Four Tet--There Is Love In You
Try as I might, I can't dig Four Tet as much as everyone else.
6. Pantha du Prince--Black Noise
A great album, but it'll always be known mostly as This Bliss's successor.
5. John Roberts--Glass Eights
Hey, an Il Buono Album of the Month!
4. Actress--Splazsh
This album has been making a mad dash up my own list lately.
3. Shed--The Traveller
I'mma have to listen to this, British spelling and all.
2. Flying Lotus--Cosmogramma
Finally some serious love for FlyLo.
1. Caribou--Swim
I'm a little surprised, but quite pleased.

Grab these albums and throw yourself a little dance party.

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