Sunday, December 5, 2010

Greg Kot's Top Albums of 2010

Even if I don't always see eye-to-eye with him, I like Greg Kot. He does a good job hosting Sound Opinions, and his writing is usually nice to read (even if he sometimes comes off as the stereotypical hapless, middle-aged white man desperately trying to cling to the hipness he once had). That I see him at concerts from time to time only increases his likability in my mind.

Here's his list of his favorite 2010 albums. As one might expect, it's a little middle-aged-white-guy-y, but that's mostly okay... The top ten, as usual, is posted after the jump, and if you want to see the rest--which includes a top 20 and some written explanations--click here.

10. Warpaint--The Fool
9. Arcade Fire--The Suburbs
This sounds about right.
8. Dessa--A Badly Broken Code
Not familiar with this one.
7. Kanye West--My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
I think if he let this simmer a little longer he might place it higher. At least I would.
6. LCD Soundsystem--This Is Happening
I buy it.
5. Sharon Van Etten--epic
She's alright.
4. Robyn--Body Talk
I like Robyn, but this is a little too high.
3. Neil Young--Le Noise
Remember that Kot is older than I am.
2. The Besnard Lakes--The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night
I haven't heard this record, but I usually like The Besnard Lakes.
1. Janelle Monae--The ArchAndroid
At one point I might've agreed, but this album didn't hold up amazingly well for me. Still very good.

Gotta represent Chicago journalists.

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