Saturday, December 11, 2010

FACT Magazine's 100 Best Tracks of 2010

On the heels of their more-interesting-than-the-average-list 40 Best Albums of 2010 list, FACT Mag released their 100 favorite tracks of the year over the past week on their site. This list, like the albums one, is pretty interesting and features plenty of tracks I like and plenty I haven't heard of and am excited to listen to. Click "read more" to see their top ten, and click here to see everything.

10. Drake feat. The-Dream--Shut It Down
Not my favorite Drake tracks, but still very good.
9. Kink--Existence
Never heard it. Will listen shortly.
8. Pantha du Prince feat. Panda Bear--Stick To My Side
This song isn't quite as good as its personnel would suggest.
7. Actress--Maze
I've been bumping this album like crazy the past 24 hours. Great stuff.
6. James Blake--CMYK
5. Kanye West feat. Pusha T--Runaway
4. Mosca--Square One
Haven't heard it.
3. DJ Zinc feat. Ms. Dynamite--Wile Out
Don't know this one, either.
2. Ramadanman--Glut
Know the artist, not the song.
1. Teengirl Fantasy--Cheaters
I listened to this a while ago and don't remember anything special. Maybe I'll have to hear it again.

Looks like we all have some listening to do.

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