Friday, December 31, 2010

My Most Anticipated Albums of 2011

In under eleven hours (as of press time), it will be 2011. Whoa. Happy New Year, everyone. And if there's one thing that a new year means to a semi-dedicated music blogger, it's a clean slate--a tabula rasa--musically speaking. My Top Albums of 2010 playlist will exist no longer, and in its place I'll create a Top Albums of 2011 one. But what, my friends, will be on that playlist? What will be the best albums of 2011? Well, I don't know--but it's fun to speculate, which is why I've included my fifteen most anticipated albums to (potentially) be released in 2011. Several of these are indeed speculations, as many don't have names or release dates or anything, but all of the albums below, if released, should be awesome. Hopefully. The albums are listed alphabetically by artist, and have their release dates in parentheses (if their release dates are known). Cheers to a happy, healthy, good music-filled new year! See you in 2011.

Akron/Family--S/T: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT (02/08)
Aphex Twin--TBA (Possibly four albums)
The Avalanches--TBA
Beastie Boys--Hot Sauce Committee, Vol. 2
Ducktails--Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics (01/11)
The Feelies--TBA
Fleet Foxes--TBA
The Go! Team--Rolling Blackouts (02/14)
The Human League--Credo
James Blake--James Blake (02/07)
Panda Bear--Tomboy
The Streets--Computers and Blues
Wire--Red Barked Tree (01/11)

Lookin' forward to all of these. Aren't you? I thought so.

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