Monday, December 13, 2010

Jim DeRogatis's Best Albums of 2010

Local legend Jim DeRogatis, of Chicago Tribune and NPR fame, released his "Reasons For Living: The 20 Best Albums of 2010" today. I like DeRogatis, partly because I have an inclination to like all Chicago people who make national names for themselves, but also because he does a great job with Sound Opinions and the books he's done, such as Kill Your Idols, Milk It!, and that new one about The Beatles and Stones. So anyways, here's his list--the top ten is posted after the jump, and the original version is here.

10. The Roots--How I Got Over
9. Best Coast--Crazy For You
Substitute this with Bethany's former band's Make It Real perhaps.
8. LCD Soundsystem--This Is Happening
Could be higher, eh?
7. Grinderman--Grinderman 2
They're fun, but I'm not sure they're this good.
6. Kid Cudi--Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager
Cudi's good on "Gorgeous," and not much else.
5. Charlotte Gainsbourg--IRM
It's difficult for me to listen to her after seeing Antichrist. Seriously.
4. Salem--King Night
Bold choice. I disagree, but I respect it.
3. Cee Lo Green--The Lady Killer
"Fuck You": yes. The album: no.
2. Kanye West--My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Why not?
1. Janelle Monae--The ArchAndroid
Just like his radio buddy Greg Kot!

There you have it. Some big lists comin' up this week, followed by Il Buono's next week probably!

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