Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mojo's Best Albums of 2010

I like Mojo for their articles--their lists not as much. Think of Mojo as NME's older brother: more mature and with better taste, but still undeniably British--British to a fault, even. (They're also a little baby boomer-centric sometimes.) That said, they remain moderately relevant with their 2010 Albums list. The list--which includes some sub-lists such as best song ("Tightrope"), best reissue (The Promise), and various best-albums-from-a-specific-genre lists--contains some nice surprises (Sam Amidon, Robert Wyatt, Gonjasufi, Swans to name a few) but certainly falls into the sorta-popular British music magazine trap of obsessing over people like Paul Weller and MGMT. There are also some things I've never heard nor heard of, though, which makes it semi-interesting. Without further ado, here's the top ten, but, at least for now, you're gonna have to actually buy the magazine to see the rest of the top 50.

10. Doug Paisley--Constant Companion
What? Who? I'll check it out, I guess.
9. The Coral--Butterfly House
See above.
8. Phosphorescent--Here's To Taking It Easy
This guy's okay...
7. Midlake--The Courage Of Others
Mojo loves Midlake. Me? Not so much.
6. Paul Weller--Wake Up The Nation
Lest we forget Mojo is a magazine run by middle-aged Brits...
5. The Black Keys--Brothers
Yeah whatever.
4. Edwyn Collins--Losing Sleep
In all fairness, I haven't heard this record. But I'm not usually super keen on Collins.
3. MGMT--Congratulations
A more complete album than Oracular, but still not too great.
2. Arcade Fire--The Suburbs
Of course.
1. John Grant--Queen Of Denmark
More Midlake love in a way. I suppose I'll have to listen to this.

Here's to yet another decent list! Happy weekend!

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