Tuesday, December 1, 2009

NME's Best Songs Of The Decade

So I already said the few things I know and think about NME in this post, so I'm not really going to say much else. As far as the selections go: they're clearly a British magazine. But they put the right Arcade Fire song ("Wake Up") on the list, and I've remembered my love for The Hives' "Hate To Say I Told You So." (The top 15 is posted below, and the rest is here.)

15. Yeah Yeah Yeahs--Bang
I actually hadn't heard this. It's pretty good.
14. The White Stripes--Seven Nation Army
I'm a-ok with this choice.
13. The Walkmen--The Rat
This song really isn't anything special.
12. The Streets--Dry Your Eyes
I would've chosen a different Streets song.
11. The Libertines--Can't Stand Me Now
I'm not completely sold.
10. Arctic Monkeys--A Certain Romance
I'm not at all sold.
9. The Arcade Fire--Rebellion (Lies)
It is quite a good song. This is a little much, though.
8. Blur--Out Of Time
We get it. You like Blur.
7. Klaxons--Golden Skans
I like this song enough.
6. The Rapture--House Of Jealous Lovers
A great song, but a tad overrated.
5. Outkast--Hey Ya!
Nothing wrong with this selection.
4. M.I.A.--Paper Planes
I'm okay enough with this.
3. The Strokes--Hard To Explain
See #4.
2. MGMT--Time To Pretend
This is the only song I really like by them. But it's not this good.
1. Beyonce--Crazy In Love
Bold choice for a British rock magazine. A good song nonetheless.

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