Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Favorite Songs of The 2000s (Pt. 1)

I post this list with a feeling of bittersweetness. The sweet: it's given me the impetus to listen to all my favorite songs of the past ten years over and over again, and I get to publish a list that has technically been in the works since I was seven and a half years old. The bitter: I've been downloading and buying music for the past ten years to make this list, and now that it's done, what the hell will I do with my time? I guess I'm now officially looking forward to my best of the 2010's list.

Anyways, this list is indeed exciting (for me, at least.) It covers the music of my decade, so making this list felt more relevant and personal than making, say, my best of the '60s one. Because I remember when this stuff came out. I remember getting Good News For People Who Like Bad News for fifth grade graduation and immediately getting rid of my Hoobastank CDs. I remember. I remember hearing "Fell In Love With A Girl" when I was nine and falling in love with rock n' roll. I remember hearing Animal Collective for the first time after Feels came out and having my mind blown, never to fully recover. This music is close to me, and it's awesome. Wow, that was sappy.

You know how people on VH1 are always like "I was a child of the '80s or the '90s. I'm soooo cool." Well, I'm a child of the '00s, and I, too, am so cool. This is the first decade that I've lived through entirely, and I must say, it's been a pretty good one--for music and in general. So sit back and enjoy what I think to be the best music of this decade, whatever you choose to call it.

First up is Part 1 of My Favorite Songs list, which will include #'s 150 through 61. Part 2 will have #'s 60 through 1. After that, we'll count down the Top 150 Albums of the decade in either three or four parts. We'll see about that.

As far as picking the songs goes: 1) It was very difficult, and 2) I focused on singles. When it comes down to it, I wanted to go with the songs that I listened to the most over the course of the whole decade and the songs that really caught my ear. Some caught my ear a couple months ago and others: eight years ago. Is Jimmy Eat World as groundbreaking as Dirty Projectors? No, but they released an amazing single that I was obsessed with when it came out, and I still like. So, yeah. Oh, and I did set up one restriction, which was that one album can only have two songs on the list. I did this for the sake of diversity. Here goes.

150. TV On The Radio--DLZ
149. Sleigh Bells--Crown On The Ground
148. Missy Elliot feat. Ludacris--Gossip Folks
147. Caribou--Melody Day
146. Basement Jaxx--Romeo
145. Amerie--1 Thing
144. Beirut--Nantes
143. Beach House--Norway
142. Lady Sovereign--Random
141. The Streets--Has It Come To This

140. Fishcerspooner--Emerge
139. Sonic Youth--Sympathy For The Strawberry
138. Ghostface Killah--Shakey Dog
137. No Age--Eraser
136. Joanna Newsom--Emily
135. Dirty Projectors--Rise Above
134. Yo La Tengo--You Can Have It All
133. Clinic--The Second Line
132. My Morning Jacket--Off The Record
131. Broadcast--Colour Me In

130. The Sandwitches--Back To The Sea
129. Arthur Russell--Close My Eyes
128. Fleet Foxes--White Winter Hymnal
127. Grouper--Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping
126. Fuck Buttons--Sweet Love For Planet Earth
125. Grizzly Bear--While You Wait For The Others
124. Prinzhorn Dance School--You Are The Space Invader
123. Dan Deacon--The Crystal Cat
122. Aeroplane feat. Kathy Diamond--Whispers
121. Chromatics--In The City

120. Daft Punk--Digital Love
119. Fugazi--Life And Limb
118. Girls--Lust For Life
117. The White Stripes--Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
116. Air France--Collapsing At Your Doorstep
115. Panda Bear--Comfy In Nautica
114. M.I.A.--Galang
113. Basement Jaxx--Where's Your Head At
112. Beyonce--Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
111. Justin Timberlake feat. T.I.--My Love

110. Hot Chip--Ready For The Floor
109. The Exploding Hearts--Modern Kicks
108. The Field--A Paw In My Face
107. The Go! Team--The Power Is On
106. Radiohead--Idioteque
105. Animal Collective--Brother Sport
104. LCD Soundsystem--Tribulations
103. Portishead--The Rip
102. Mu--Let's Get Sick
101. Fuck Buttons--Surf Solar

And now: the top 100! (This line is completely unnecessary!)

100. Deerhunter--Nothing Ever Happened
99. Kelis--Milkshake
98. !!!--Me And Giuliani Down By The Schoolyard
97. TV On The Radio--Mister Grieves
96. Modest Mouse--Gravity Rides Everything
95. Junior Boys--In The Morning
94. The Strokes--Last Nite
93. The Shins--New Slang
92. Yeah Yeah Yeahs--Y Control
91. Kelly Clarkson--Since U Been Gone

90. Brian Eno & David Byrne--Strange Overtones
89. Grizzly Bear--Knife
88. Devendra Banhart--The Body Breaks
87. Missy Elliott--Work It
86. Big Boi feat. Gucci Mane--Shine Blockas
85. Jimmy Eat World--The Middle
84. Animal Collective--Grass
83. R. Kelly--Trapped In The Closet: Chapter 22
82. The Very Best--Warm Heart Of Africa
81. Dizzee Rascal--Jus A Rascal

80. Dirty Projectors & David Byrne--Knotty Pine
79. Outkast--Ms. Jackson
78. Andrew W.K.--Party Hard
77. Sigur Ros--Svefn-g-englar
76. D'Angelo--Devil's Pie
75. Freelance Hellraiser--A Stroke Of Genius
74. Hercules And Love Affair--Hercules' Theme
73. Modest Mouse--3rd Planet
72. Animal Collective--Who Could Win A Rabbit
71. Radiohead--Everything In Its Right Place

70. Hot Chip--Over & Over
69. Grizzly Bear--Two Weeks
68. Lily Allen--Smile
67. The Hives--Hate To Say I Told You So
66. Gorillaz--Clint Eastwood
65. Fiery Furnaces--My Dog Was Lost But Now He's Found
64. YACHT--Psychic City (Voodoo City)
63. Fleet Foxes--Blue Ridge Mountains
62. The Strokes--Hard To Explain
61. Justice--D.A.N.C.E.

That's what I think. According to the timeline at the top, Part 2 will come out tomorrow. Let's hope so. Merry Christmas!

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  1. can you put the year the songs came out next to each one?