Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pitchfork's Best Songs of 2009

OMG! Pitchfork! I love Pitchfork! Now I know what to like! Yeah!

All kidding aside, I actually do really like Pitchfork, and I value their opinion. Which is why I was looking forward to this list. Unfortunately, the list is relatively predictable; it's full of buzz bands and Best New Musics. Fortunately, the list I predicted was a good list, and I like several of the buzz bands. The majority of my favorite songs from this year made the list, so that's good I guess. (My main beef: Phoenix.) The whole list is here, and the top 15 are posted below. Pitchfork's albums list in its entirety will be out on Friday.

15. Girls--Hellhole Ratrace
A very good song, but a bit overrated.
14. Joy Orbison--Hyph Mngo
A great song, and a bit underrated.
13. Neon Indian--Deadbeat Summer
See #15's explanation.
12. Grizzly Bear--While You Wait For The Others
Another great song that is slightly overrated.
11. Animal Collective--What Would I Want? Sky
I'll just say this is in my top 3. So I think it's underrated.
10. Washed Out--Feel It All Around
This song is okay. I don't see the hype.
9. Girls--Lust For Life
It's my favorite Girls song, too, but it ain't this good.
8. Phoenix--Lisztomania
Phoenix made the top ten? Oy.
7. Big Boi--Shine Blockas
Just a smidgen overrated, but I won't complain.
6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs--Zero
Really? Not even my favorite song on this mediocre album.
5. Grizzly Bear--Two Weeks
Tough to argue with. But I'll argue anyways: it's a little overrated.
4. Bat For Lashes--Daniel
See above.
3. Phoenix--1901
Phoenix in the top ten again? Oy again.
2. Dirty Projectors--Stillness Is The Move
Underrated a bit. (Cough) It should be #1 (cough).
1. Animal Collective--My Girls
Unsurprising, seeing it was chosen as their ninth favorite song of the decade, but it's not entirely deserving. But still a great song.

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