Thursday, December 10, 2009

Too Many Lists! Pt. 1 (Decade)

Okay. So it's now December, which means the best of the year and best of the decade lists are coming out left and right. It's getting hard to keep up. In this post, I'm running through a few best of the decade lists. I'll just give you the top 5, my thoughts, and a link or two. (The lists are from: Rolling Stone, Newcity, Entertainment Weekly, and Lee Ranaldo.)

Rolling Stone (Albums)
Overall: A little heavy on the Springsteen, but a surprisingly decent enough list from a garbage publication.
5. The White Stripes--Elephant
I would've chosen a different album by the same group.
4. Jay-Z--The Blueprint
3. Wilco--Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Eh x2.
2. The Strokes--Is This It
Fine. I'll take it.
1. Radiohead--Kid A
Surprise, surprise.

Rolling Stone (Songs)
Overall: It's hard to argue with many of the selections, but it's a predictably generic list.
5. M.I.A.--Paper Planes
A little overrated.
4. Outkast--Hey Ya!
No complaints.
3. Beyonce--Crazy In Love
A little overrated.
2. Jay-Z--99 Problems
I think I've made my lack of appreciation for him clear.
1. Gnarls Barkley--Crazy
The best song of the decade? No, but close enough.

Newcity (Albums)
Overall: A good list, but a questionable top 5.
5. Yo La Tengo--And Then Nothing...
Certainly very good, but not top 5 good.
4. Radiohead--In Rainbows
This is definitely my least favorite Radiohead album.
3. Crooked Fingers--Crooked Fingers
Never heard it.
2. Sleater-Kinney--All Hands On The Bad One
Never heard this one specifically, but I'm not a huge fan of the group.
1. The Mountain Goats--The Sunset Tree
See above.

Entertainment Weekly (Albums)
Overall: It's a kinda scattered array of popular music. In other words, I don't agree much with it.
5. Bob Dylan--Love And Theft
It's a fine album, but I'm not sure about this...
4. Outkast--Stankonia
Nothing wrong here.
3. Radiohead--Kid A
Hey. It's not #1.
2. Jay-Z--The Blueprint
1. Kanye West--The College Dropout
Just what Kanye needs: an unwarranted ego boost.

Lee Ranaldo (Albums)
Overall: I saw this here. It's actually quite surprising, judging by the music that Lee makes.
3. Bill Callahan--Sometimes I Wish I Were An Eagle
Haven't heard. Smog is decent.
2. Cat Power--You Are Free
I'm not sure about her.
1. Bob Dylan--Love And Theft
Refer to what I said about this a few lines up.

I might stop posting decade lists after this. Unless The Wire comes out with one.

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