Monday, September 27, 2010

Song of The Day #124

"Jealous Kids" by Mu

The semi-consonant, farty synth blurps and subsequent 4/4 kick drum that kick off "Jealous Kids" suggest that, by Mu's standards, this is gonna be a pretty straightforward tune. When the vocals come in, they're intelligible--a rare occurrence in the group's often shouty brand of electroclash. And the song maintains a certain accessibility throughout that makes it one of their best songs, and certainly one of their least headache-inducing. All that said, though, "Jealous Kids" is not at all a pop song. It has its requisite (for Mu at least) dub freakouts and shrieking frequencies, and the vocals, while intelligible, are what some may call "very weird". I love Mu, and I'm sad they are no longer--but they can be a tough listen.

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