Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Favorite Songs of The 1990s, Pt. 2

The music of the 1990s is my music, or so I feel. Even though I was still pretty young when the decade came to a close, I was old enough to have been transformed by its culture. I was old enough to have breathed its air, watched its cartoons, and played with its action figures. And I was old enough to hear its music.

Now we're on to the real part of the list, the juicy stuff, the stuff that matters. Below you'll find my 180th favorite song of the '90s through my 61st favorite. There are some great tunes here, some songs that are forever ingrained in my brain and--I know this is lame to say--my soul. So peruse the selections and argue if you feel the need (but maybe wait to argue until the whole thing is revealed). Enjoy.

180. Tricky--Ponderosa
179. Alanis Morissette--You Oughta Know
178. Ice Cube--It Was A Good Day
177. Blur--Girls & Boys
176. Beastie Boys--Sure Shot
175. Outkast--Rosa Parks
174. Gang Starr--Just To Get A Rep
173. Pixies--Allison
172. Ride--Seagull
171. Omni Trio--Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP Mix)

170. Madonna--Vogue
169. D'Angelo--Brown Sugar
168. A Tribe Called Quest--Scenario
167. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien--Mistadobalina
166. Yo La Tengo--Sugarcube
165. Red Hot Chili Peppers--Under The Bridge
164. The Chemical Brothers--Setting Sun
163. Public Enemy--Welcome To The Terrordome
162. Marvin Pontiac--Bring Me Rocks
161. Bonnie "Prince" Billy--Death To Everyone

160. Rhythm Is Rhythm--Strings
159. Fugazi--Merchandise
158. Basement Jaxx--Red Alert
157. Public Enemy--911 Is A Joke
156. Frank Black--Headache
155. Arthur Russell--My Tiger, My Timing
154. Beck--Devil's Haircut
153. Souls Of Mischief--93 'til Infinity
152. Daft Punk--Around The World
151.My Bloody Valentine--When You Sleep

150. Aphex Twin--4
149. Refused--New Noise
148. Ride--Dreams Burn Down
147. Bjork--Joga
146. Pixies--U-Mass
145. Nirvana--Lithium
144. Portishead--Strangers
143. Primal Scream--Movin' On Up
142. Beat Happening--Sleepy Head
141. Weezer--My Name Is Jonas

140. Bjork--It's Oh So Quiet
139. Scott Walker--Farmer In The City
138. Smog--Teenage Spaceship
137. Massive Attack--Safe From Harm
136. Dr. Octagon--Blue Flowers
135. The Notorious B.I.G. with Puff Daddy and Mase--Mo Money Mo Problems
134. Radiohead--Fake Plastic Trees
133. Aaliyah--Age Ain't Nothing But A Number
132. Built To Spill--Car
131. Nas--N.Y. State of Mind

130. Mary J. Blige--Real Love
129. Elastica--Stutter
128. Pavement--Gold Soundz
127. A Tribe Called Quest--Check The Rhime
126. Smashing Pumpkins--1979
125. Boredoms--Super Shine
124. Belle & Sebastian--The State I Am In
123. Built To Spill--Randy Described Eternity
122. Destiny's Child--Bills, Bills, Bills
121. Jeff Buckley--Last Goodbye

120. Beck--Sexx Laws
119. Slint--Breadcrumb Trail
118. Brainiac--Nothing Ever Changes
117. Spiritualized--Come Together
116. Bonnie "Prince" Billy--A Minor Place
115. Yo La Tengo--From A Motel 6
114. Black Sheep--The Choice Is Yours
113. Chumbawumba--Tubthumping
112. Rancid--Ruby Soho
111. Oval--Do While

110. Pavement--5-4=Unity
109. Elliott Smith--Between The Bars
108. The Jesus Lizard--Mouth Breather
107. Massive Attack--Teardrop
106. Radiohead--Creep
105. Pavement--Zurich Is Stained
104. The Notorious B.I.G.--Juicy
103. Digable Planets--Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)
102. Brainiac--Pussyfootin'
101. Smashing Pumpkins--Cherub Rock

Let's take a little break, shall we?

Alright. Back to the list...

100. Modest Mouse--Trailer Trash
99. Mobb Deep--Shook Ones (Part II)
98. Yo La Tengo--Moby Octopad
97. Heavenly--C Is The Heavenly Option
96. Bjork--Army Of Me
95. Guided By Voices--Over The Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox
94. Wu-Tang Clan--C.R.E.A.M.
93. They Might Be Giants--Birdhouse In Your Soul
92. Tortoise--DJed
91. Radiohead--Just

90. Fatboy Slim--Praise You
89. Guided By Voices--I Am A Scientist
88. Sonic Youth--100%
87. Lauryn Hill--Doo Wop (That Thing)
86. The Halo Benders--Virginia Reel Around The Fountain
85. Nirvana--Scentless Apprentice
84. Neutral Milk Hotel--Two-Headed Boy
83. The Orb--Little Fluffy Clouds
82. Hanson--MMMbop
81. Ride--Vapour Trail

80. Green Day--Basket Case
79. Guided By Voices--As We Go Up, We Go Down
78. Slint--Good Morning, Captain
77. R.E.M.--Losing My Religion
76. Missy Elliott--The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)
75. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth--T.R.O.Y. (They Reminisce Over You)
74. The KLF--Wichita Lineman Was A Song I Once Heard
73. Palace Brothers--You Will Miss Me When I Burn
72. Harvey Danger--Flagpole Sitta
71. Portishead--Glory Box
70. Nas--It Ain't Hard To Tell

69. Weezer--El Scorcho
68. Cardigans--Lovefool
67. Modest Mouse--Doin' The Cockroach
66. De La Soul--A Roller Skating Jam Named "Saturdays"
65. Public Enemy--Brothers Gonna Work It Out
64. Happy Mondays--Kinky Afro
63. The Breeders--Cannonball
62. TLC--Creep
61. Beat Happening--Godsend

The top sixty are to be posted at a later date. Can you guess what will be in said top sixty? I'll give you a hint: there's no more Hanson and there's a decent amount more My Bloody Valentine. Guess away...

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