Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Favorite Songs of The 1990s, Pt. 1

Ah, the '90s...

The music of the 1990s is my music, or so I feel. Even though I was still pretty young when the decade came to a close, I was old enough to have been transformed by its culture. I was old enough to have breathed its air, watched its cartoons, and played with its action figures. And I was old enough to hear its music.

Nearly all of my earliest, most transformative, most influential music memories deal with songs from the '90s, most of which are on this list. From first humming along to the striking power-pop of Hanson to awkwardly grooving to the soul music of TLC to eventually getting my mind blown and falling in love with rock n' roll after first hearing, you guessed it, Nirvana--the music of the '90s is ingrained in my DNA like The Stones or The Who are in that of a baby boomer. Even if a lot of my favorite albums/artists/songs of all time nowadays come from other decades, this '90s music will always be with me as my first: my first experience with music and the power it has.

Obviously I didn't hear all of these songs actually in the '90s when they came out. (I would've been a pretty cool six-year-old listening to Guided By Voices or Aphex Twin, huh?) But many of them did blast from my six-year-old boombox, and the ones that came later have often had equally profound effects on me. While you look at this list, you may question a few of the choices if they're stupid pop songs, but remember that some of these stupid pop songs are the reason I love music, and this is a list of my favorites. A list of my 180 favorite songs of this particular decade (plus 60 honorable mentions). So there.

While you look at this list, you may also think, "He's ripping off Pitchfork," and, well, you're a little right, I guess. It was indeed their list that inspired me to make my own. But there are a few differences, namely the restrictions that are on the list--see, I didn't put any concrete restrictions on what could be on and what couldn't (except for, of course, that each song needed to be released between 1990 and 1999). I did, however, semi-try to limit single artists' number of songs to around four or five or six in order to allow for some diversity, but I wasn't too strict on anything. Now that all that's out of the way, let's get to the list.

This part of the list (part 1) deals with the honorable mentions, of which there are sixty. These are songs I love, songs I truly wanted to put on the list; they just don't quite have the emotional tug or musical intrigue that the top 180 have. As a result, they're honorable mentions. Honorable indeed. They're listed below in alphabetical order. (The top 180 will be listed in order of favorites, don't worry.)

Acen--Trip II The Moon
Air--Sexy Boy
Aphex Twin--Girl/Boy Song
Arthur Russell--Keeping Up
The Auteurs--Unsolved Child Murder
Bardo Pond--Limerick
Black Tambourine--For Ex-Lovers Only
Boards of Canada--Happy Cycling
Boredoms--Super Are You
Daft Punk--Da Funk

Daniel Johnston--Walking The Cow
Digital Underground--The Humpty Dance
Disco Inferno--The Last Dance
Dr. Octagon--Earth People
Fastball--The Way
The Field Mice--Emma's House
Future Sound of London--Papua New Guinea
Geto Boys--My Mind Playin' Tricks On Me
Green Day--When I Come Around
Guided By Voices--Hot Freaks

The Halo Benders--Lonesome Sundown
Harvey Milk--A Small Turn of Human Kindness
The Jesus Lizard--Then Comes Dudley
The La's--There She Goes
Lightning Bolt--Into The Valley
Madonna--Ray Of Light
The Melvins--Hooch
Morrissey--Everyday Is Like Sunday

Napalm Death--Twist The Knife (Slowly)
Nirvana--Rape Me
The Notorious B.I.G.--Big Poppa
Palace Music--More Brother Rides
PJ Harvey--Rid Of Me
Primal Scream--Higher Than The Sun
Raekwon--Ice Cream
Red Hot Chili Peppers--Give It Away

The Roots--Without A Doubt
Slint--Nosferatu Man
Smog--Let's Move To The Country
Snap!--The Power
Sonic Youth--Disappearer
Suede--The Drowners
Talk Talk--Ascension Day
Third Eye Blind--Semi-Charmed Life
Tindersticks--City Sickness

TLC--Sumthin' Wicked This Way Comes
Tom Waits--Get Behind The Mule
A Tribe Called Quest--I Left My Wallet In El Segundo
A Tribe Called Quest--Award Tour
Unrest--Make Out Club
The Vaselines--Son Of A Gun
The Verve Pipe--The Freshmen
Ween--Dr. Rock
Wesley Willis--Rock N Roll McDonald's
Wu-Tang Clan--Can It Be All So Simple

That's what I think. The official countdown will begin with #'s 180 through 61. Look for it on Il Buono in the next day or two or three.

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  1. you know who (insert angry emoticon)September 14, 2010 at 2:24 AM

    how dare you write a word about Hanson without any mention of your wonderful sister. you should be ashamed, il buono.