Sunday, September 26, 2010

Song of The Day #123

"No Reply" by The Beatles

I was shocked, or at least mildly surprised, that The Beatles hadn't been represented by Song of The Day. While they're not necessarily my favorite band (they're up there), they're without a doubt the most important rock/pop group ever--and I've listened to their music throughout my life more than anyone else's. I picked "No Reply" because it opens Beatles For Sale, which I've been playing a lot lately. While it's a universally accepted truth that Beatles albums post-Help! are the best, their earlier, pre-1965, rock n' roll albums are among the finest albums ever made, too. Of those ones, my favorite is still A Hard Day's Night, but Beatles For Sale--I've decided this week--is a close second. You can tell when you're listening to it that the band was on their way to bigger, fancier, better things. There are few covers, and each original has a sonic uniqueness to it that was to be replicated and improved upon on Rubber Soul and all its successors--not to mention the album cover, whose near-worldlessness hints at the artistic integrity of the band that would be further exemplified by each subsequent release. "No Reply" is one of my favorite songs on the album and is really a standout Beatles track, even if it doesn't get the kind of press that "Eight Days A Week" does.

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