Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Song of The Day #083

"Spaced Out" by Cloud One

There's an article in this month's The Wire on "space disco." And while you can certainly call the magazine pretentious for trying to define and create genres (see: hypnagogic pop), their articles are often very good and full of suggestions of things to listen to that are, well, very good too. The space disco piece traces the history of the so-called genre, by examining the tracks and people that made it happen. As someone who loves disco and Italo-disco but didn't necessarily know much beyond Moroder; Baldelli; and Soccio, I greatly appreciated the article. One of the gems I took from it was this song of the day: Cloud One's "Spaced Out". An early example of space disco--it has "space" in the title, after all--this song is funky, cosmic and loads of fun.

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