Saturday, August 14, 2010

Poll Results: Arcade Fire...

This past poll asked the (somewhat convoluted and confusing) question: Does Funeral's greatness negatively skew how we view all other Arcade Fire albums? Because their subsequent albums are not as good as their debut, are they worth our time at all?

The majority of you folks that voted have faith in the Montreal band. 63% of voters can look past Funeral and appreciate Neon Bible and The Suburbs--and whatever will come next--for what they are: great albums. The other 37%, though, can only think one thing when hearing Bible and The 'burbs, and that's "this just isn't as good as Funeral, ergo it's disappointing."

Whatever your stance, we can all agree that Funeral's a masterpiece and, even if they're a bit disappointing in comparison, Neon Bible and The Suburbs are pretty darn good.

The next poll, which should be on the right side of your screen where this past poll was, asks about dance music. Specifically, which city's dance music is your favorite? Detroit (techno), Chicago (house), Berlin (minimal), London (dubstep et. al.), or some other city altogether? Those four cities are four of my favorite in the whole world--for dance music and in general--and I'm wondering how you all feel.

(If your answer is Other, leave a comment on this post or any post hereafter.)

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