Sunday, August 29, 2010

Poll Results: Cities, Dance Music, etc.

This past poll asked you which city's indigenous style of dance music you like best. Was it Detroit's techno, Chicago's house (or perhaps juke), Berlin's minimal, London dubstep/wonky/other, or something else (such as B-more club or Miami bass or something)? We had a tie at the top between Chicago and Detroit, which both earned 40% of the votes. I'm glad those two were at the top because, well, those are both cities close to my heart, and Detroit techno and Chicago house have informed much of the dance music I listen to.

Berlin, with its minimal techno aesthetic, pulled in the remaining 20% of the votes while London and its ever-changing scene based around dubstep failed to receive any votes. Poor London. It's a nice city, but I agree that some of that wonky and whatnot is pretty lame.

So that's that. This next poll asks you, in anticipation of Pitchfork's 200 Best Tracks of the '90s, what your favorite '90s one-hit wonder is. I'm giving a handful of choices to pick from, but there are about a million one-hit wonders from that decade, so feel free to choose "other"--and if you do, please leave a comment.

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