Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Favorite Untitled Songs

Seeing a blank space or the word "Untitled" next to a number on a tracklist isn't an occurrence one should regard as peculiar; artists often choose to leave a track or so untitled. Why? Are they lazy? Do they forget? Is it an instrumental with no words and thus no title? Do they feel that by not giving it a title it increases its intrigue? Or does it communicate that the song is transient, meaningless? Who knows.

Untitled songs (and poems and works of art and yada yada yada) have always intrigued me because of those questions posed in the previous paragraph--your other songs have titles, so why not this one? is a question I find myself asking. Mostly untitled tracks seem like afterthoughts, short instrumental ditties that don't really add or subtract to the album as a whole. But some untitled tracks are fully realized, awesome songs. Below/after the jump are my twelve favorite...

12. Bauhaus--Untitled
In The Flat Field (Remastered), track 15
11. Dirty Projectors--Untitled
Rise Above, track 11
10. Interpol--Untitled
Turn on The Bright Lights, track 1
9. Sonic Youth--Untitled
Washing Machine, track 9
8. Bobby Cook & The Explosions--Untitled
Downriver Revival, track 7
7. Gang Gang Dance--Untitled (Piano)
God's Money, track 4
6. Radiohead--Untitled
Kid A, track 11
5. Pelt--Untitled
Untitled, track 1
4. John Fahey--Untitled With Rain
Red Cross, track 7
3. The Cure--Untitled
Disintegration, track 12
2. Neutral Milk Hotel--Untitled
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, track 10
1. D'Angelo--Untitled (How Does It Feel)
Voodoo, track 12

Well, it's not entirely untitled--it does technically have that parenthetical--but D'Angelo's masterpiece of soul deserves the number one spot nonetheless, if for no other reason than its absolutely ridiculous video. (See below.)

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