Saturday, November 21, 2009

Teenage Dreams, So Hard To Beat

Since I'm feeling full of teenage angst right now (and by "full", I mean like "10% full"), I thought it'd be nice to look at the best songs about being a teenager--namely songs with the words "teen" or "teenage" or "teenager" in the title. So here are my favorite songs about adolescence. (Choosing between the top 3 was next to impossible, by the way.) (And I recommend watching the videos. Some of them are very cool.)

9. DNA--Young Teenagers Talk Sex (no video)

I also feel it's necessary to mention the artists listed below, because they are all quite excellent at voicing the feelings that come with being a teenager, but they didn't have a song on the songs list.

The Modern Lovers
Weezer (first two albums, obviously)
Violent Femmes
The Replacements

That's what I think. This was a very emo post. Don't worry: I don't actually feel like most of these artists. I'm quite stable.

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