Saturday, November 21, 2009

Poll Results: Your Favorite Artists Of The Decade

Picking a favorite artist of the decade is probably a little easier than picking a favorite album or a favorite song, but it's a daunting task nonetheless. What makes one artist or band better than another? Influence? Output? Consistency? I don't really know. Every album My Bloody Valentine released is amazing. That said, they only released two albums. Meanwhile, Sonic Youth has put out a ton of albums, and nearly every one is great. That said, several of them are not quite up to My Bloody Valentine standards. Both bands, meanwhile, are very influential. So who is the better band? Don't make me choose.

Anyways, for this poll, the options I gave were bands that have done a lot of work this decade and are very well liked by the kind of people that would be interested in this sort of thing. First place ended up being a (unsurprising) tie between Radiohead and Animal Collective. Both groups have put out at least four albums this decade, and basically every album by both groups is considered to be at least quite good, if not great. I like both bands, so I'm not going to argue much. (Though I certainly prefer Animal Collective.) There was a two-way tie for second place as well. This was between LCD Soundsystem and The Books. Once again, these are both groups that put out multiple very good albums this decade. (Wilco and Outkast both failed to get any votes.)

For the next poll, I'm going to ask you about your favorite record labels of the decade. I realize that a lot of people don't pay too much attention to labels, but, when it comes down to it, some labels are better than others. They release better music, they release more music, they release cool compilations, they do all around cool things, etc. So vote!

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