Sunday, November 21, 2010

This Recording's Best Songs of 2010

Oh my, oh my. Is it that time of year already? Year-end list time? Arguably my favorite time of the year because I'm a nerd who loves lists? Well, at least on This Recording, it is. Recently writer Danish Aziz published his 15 favorite tunes of 2010 on the site, thereby officially throwing out the first pitch of the year-end list season.

His list (posted after the jump with my reactions) is nice and pithy, including short blurbs about each song which can be read here. The list has some interesting picks--some songs I like, some I hadn't heard--but it's certainly most significant because it means that we're all gonna have to start buckling down and making our own lists, and also that Il Buono is gonna be a lot more fun in the coming month, as I'll be posting every list I see. To 2010!

15. Jamie Smith--Far Nearer
Hadn't heard it previously, but it's actually more interesting than anything he's done with The xx.
14. Waka Flocka Flame--Hard In Da Paint
Uh... It's entertaining, I guess.
13. Arcade Fire--The Suburbs
Not the AF cut I'd pick, but a very good song nevertheless.
12. Joanna Newsom--Good Intentions Paving Co.
What a great song.
11. Shabazz Palaces--Blastit
I dig Shabazz Palaces, but maybe not this much.
10. Twin Shadow--Castles In The Snow
While I'm still not completely sold on this guy, this song is good enough.
9. Happy Birthday--Subliminal Message
A thoroughly enjoyable song. Not much more than that, but that's okay.
8. Light Asylum--Dark Allies
Never heard of the band let alone the song, and it's tough to tell if it's worth my time based on the low quality of the live recording I've procured.
7. Tamaryn--Love Fade
Yeah, whatever...
6. Crystal Castles--Baptism
See directly above comment.
5. Delorean--Stay Close
While I feel cool for having liked Delorean six years ago, I'm not too enamored with this one.
4. James Blake--CMYK
James Blake's the man. Love this song.
3. Ariel Pink--Round and Round
This song's chorus is one of the finest things recorded this year.
2. Mount Kimbie--Carbonated
Hadn't heard it before, but it's pretty neat. I dig it.
1. Girl Unit--Wut
A song that was completely foreign to me, "Wut" would definitely not be my #1 for 2010. It's okay, though, I suppose.

So there you have it. The dude likes chillwave and electronic, which is cool I guess. Year-end lists for 2010 are gonna start pouring in. Aren't you excited? I sure am.

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  1. im looking forward to all the Good Intentions Paving Co. love this year