Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FACT Magazine's 10 Best Labels of 2010

So I said that year-end lists are finna start pouring in, and I was right. There are some ones I don't care about too much (such as Gorilla Vs. Bear's best videos list (I don't do music videos)), but I'll definitely be posting a pretty good amount.

This one, from the increasingly reliable FACT Magazine, counts down their favorite record labels of the year. A neat idea, if I may say so myself, even if I don't know too much about some of the imprints themselves. The ones I do know, though, I rather enjoy. So the list, without any comments, is posted after the jump for your amusement, outragement, etc. The original thing is here.

10. R&S
9. Hyperdub
8. Rush Hour
7. Not Not Fun
6. Stones Throw
5. Planet Mu
4. Honest Jon's
3. Editions Mego
2. Night Slugs
1. Olde English Spelling Bee

Well I guess Night Slugs and Rush Hour are the only ones I'm unfamiliar with. Neat. A good list from the good folks at FACT Mag. I look forward to their top songs and albums lists...

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