Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Song of The Day #162

"6.6" by Supersilent

It took me a while to appreciate Supersilent for more than just their album design/packaging aesthetic (which is beautiful and smart and awesome and commendable in every way), but after hearing their landmark 6 a couple times, I now understand why they're considered one of the best experimental groups in music. Pieces like this one, titled just "6.6," are a little hard to digest at first due to their improvised, free-form nature. Eventually, though, Supersilent's members' superb musicianship and knack for creating otherworldly, complex-yet-minimal sonic atmospheres shine through, and the music becomes an engrossing, encompassing experience. (Alliteration...) "6.6" may not have the lyrical weight of an Elliott Smith song per se, but it's devastating and beautiful nonetheless.

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