Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NME's Top Albums of 2010

More magazine junk. This time around, it's NME hitting us with their seventy-five favorite albums of this year. NME has notoriously British taste--which makes sense considering it's a British magazine--and that means that it often lauds crappy Brit-pop/rock. Such is not the case at the top of their 2010 list (there's plenty of Brit-pop lower down), although the number one spot does go to a British act--that said, it's an Il-Buono-approved British act. And there's actually some pretty cool selections throughout the list, notably a top 15 finish for The Fall and their rockin' Your Future Our Clutter. So that's that. The top ten (with my comments) is after the jump, and the whole darn thing is here.

10. The Drums--The Drums
I can't get behind these guys. Pretty typical stuff.
9. Liars--Sisterworld
This album disappointed me. That said, I can never hate too much on Liars.
8. Salem--King Night
Love the shout outs to witch house and Chicago, but I'm not sure this is this good.
7. Zola Jesus--Stridulum II
I like what I've heard from her, and I'm gonna have to check out this record.
6. Foals--Total Life Forever
Not a big Foals fan.
5. Laura Marling--I Speak Because I Can
I know the name but not the music, so no comment.
4. LCD Soundsystem--This Is Happening
I foresee this record making many a Top 5 (including Il Buono's).
3. Beach House--Teen Dream
See #4 except for the "(including Il Buono's)" part. A great album, though.
2. Arcade Fire--The Suburbs
See #3.
1. These New Puritans--Hidden
A little overblown, but I really dig this album--especially "We Want War."

That's what NME thinks. More lists, please!

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