Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SPIN's Top 125 Albums Since 1985

So the folks over at SPIN decided to produce an off-season album list. The more lists the better, I always say. That said, this list is semi-lame. It recounts the magazine's 125 top albums from the last time the Bears last one the Super Bowl until now, which seems like a slightly arbitrary time period, but whatever. They can do what they want. We're all adults here.

The top fifteen is listed just below, and the list is in its entirety here. (To put the list in perspective, Rain Dogs and Psychocandy are two of the better albums from 1985, and Ronald Reagan was president.)

15. Husker Du--New Day Rising
Hmm. Well, I like Husker Du--but this album is not this good.
14. Beastie Boys--Paul's Boutique
It's an amazing album; I wouldn't rate it this high, but I can't argue.
13. Sonic Youth--Daydream Nation
It's a necessary inclusion, and it could certainly be higher.
12. Outkast--Stankonia
See directly above.
11. The Replacements--Tim
Not my favorite 'Mats album, but it's by no means bad.
10. Nine Inch Nails--The Downward Spiral
I don't hate NIN, but this album is definitely overrated here.
9. Pavement--Slanted and Enchanted
Not too much can be said about this. Fine choice.
8. PJ Harvey--Rid Of Me
I've never really gotten the appeal of this album.
7. Guns N' Roses--Appetite For Destruction
From a pop culture importance standpoint? Sure. From a quality music standpoint? No.
6. Public Enemy--It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back
I wouldn't put it this high, but it's amazing and deserving enough.
5. Radiohead--OK Computer
This isn't surprising, but I'm still not obsessed with this album.
4. Nirvana--Nevermind
I'm fine with this pick.
3. The Smiths--The Queen Is Dead
This makes enough sense, although I'd put it a but lower.
2. Prince--Sign O The Times
I more or less agree with this.
1. U2--Achtung Baby
U2 is...bleh.

I said it was semi-lame. But it's also semi-hard to argue with. In case you're wondering, I'd probably give the #1 slot to Loveless if I had to choose.

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