Saturday, April 24, 2010

Poll Results: Most Exciting Lolla Act

It's the first (or second) weekend in August. You're in Chicago's lovely Grant Park. It's Lollapalooza. All sorts of folks, from hipsters to frat bros to regular guys, are united by at least a passing interest in music and plenty of sweat for these three days. Now, which act do you want to see the most?

Corny narrative aside, that last sentence was the question in this past poll: which act at Lollapalooza is most exciting, intriguing, etc. I gave options of some ones I'm (at least relatively) excited to see come August. The winner? The wonderful and increasingly popular Grizzly Bear, who garnered 25 percent of the votes. Grizzly Bear is indeed a fantastic live band, and their set at Lollapalooza one or two or three years ago (bad memory) was one of the festival's highlights for me. Dirty Projectors, The xx, Lady GaGa, The Arcade Fire, Erykah Badu and Devo all tied for second with 12.5 percent of the total votes. 2ManyDJ's unfortunately failed to get a vote. Sorry 2ManyDJ's.

I'm excited to see all those bands as well--The xx less so, though. I haven't seen Dirty Projectors since Bitte Orca and I'm sure they have some bangin' new material. I haven't seen GaGa since she was in any way famous, and I know she'll at least be a spectacle. The Arcade Fire are a great live group, and I believe their new album will be out by then, so that could be fun. I've never seen Erykah Badu, and though her most recent album isn't quite its predecessor, I'm excited to see what she does. And then there's Devo: one of my favorite post-punk groups, whom I've never seen live. 2ManyDJ's should be loads of fun, too, but it's on Perry's stage, which is notorious for being full of all sorts of tools who love techno or whatever who like dancing or whatever but really just like doing ecstasy and jumping up and down--that could potentially ruin the experience. Hopefully not. Anyways, I'll see y'all in Grant Park in three, four months.

This next poll is in honor of Iceland's recent clustercuss. To make that bedraggled nation feel better, we're gonna celebrate their disproportionately great music scene. The question this week is who is your favorite Icelandic musician?

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