Thursday, April 8, 2010

Poll Results: Most Exciting Lolla Headliner

Hey, folks. The most recent poll here at Il Buono asked you which Lollapalooza headliner you are most excited for. Lollapalooza is a big, hot, smelly, crowded music festival that takes place here in Chicago each August. It's smelly, but it's also a lot of fun. Some time ago, five headliners were leaked (Soundgarden, Green Day, Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire, The Strokes), and those were the choices in this poll. Since the poll was released, a sixth headliner--Phoenix--has been added, and the rest of the lineup has been officially disclosed. It's a solid lineup--Dirty Projectors, Devo, Fuck Buttons, some other people. It should be fun.

Anyways, your pick for most exciting non-Phoenix headliner was, kind of surprisingly and kind of not surprisingly, Lady GaGa, who received a hefty fifty percent of the votes. While her music is hit or miss, GaGa is sure to put on an intriguing show--and one much more lavish than her set at Lolla a few years ago, where I was one of about twelve people watching her noon performance. Anyhow, The Arcade Fire came in second (I thought they would get first), The Strokes came in at third. Soundgarden and Green Day, two popular alternative bands who I'm not surprised Il Buono readers hate, each failed to garner a single vote.

Because I'm not feeling inspired and because the whole Lolla lineup is now out, I'm going to ask you which act in general you are most psyched to see at this year's festival.

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