Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Song of The Day #001

I want to try something new on Il Buono to help increase my post frequency and talk about more music because, well, there's a lot of music out there. So I'm gonna start a "Song of The Day" column in which I--you guessed it!--talk about a song each day. The song that is mentioned could be new or old, good or bad; it will just be a song that I have heard that day and decided to write a few sentences about. Naturally, I will forget (or choose not to) post on some days, but I'll do my darndest to actually do these posts everyday. I think it will be fun. For me at least.

Without further ado, the first ever Song of The Day is "Skunks" by Caribou (or Manitoba as he was called when this song was released). The second track on the 'Bou's 2003 work of genius Up In Flames, "Skunks" is a bouncy and thoroughly enjoyable psychedelic instrumental. The tune is built around a two-bar loop of infectious melody that is toppled with mountains of Caribou's always-excellent percussion and a constant, messy free-jazz-inspired saxophone. Some frog noises and tablas make their way into the crowded mix, and the result is a groovy and fun track that stands out on an album full of standouts.

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