Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Song of The Day #002

"I Got A Feeling" by Tawny Reed

Today's Song du Jour is Tawny Reed's 1965 slice of wonderfulness, "I Got A Feeling"--the song the Black Eyed Peas' similarly titled 2009 smash is based on. (That's a complete lie.) Anyhow, the song starts off with James Bond-esque horns. Then Reed's raspy, blue-eyed voice kicks in and the song blows up. It's kinda considered part of the girl group movement, but it's far more robust and brassy than anything The Angels or The Shangri-Las ever put out. It's nothing spectacularly original, but it's a rockin', vintage good time. And I always have room on my computer for rockin', vintage good times.

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