Sunday, October 4, 2009

Poll Results: Most Overrated New Band

Last week, a new feature was added to Il Buono: a weekly-ish poll. The first question was "Most overrated new band?" We had a surprising number of votes (8), and the winner was, unsurprisingly, Girls with 50% of the vote. Girls is a duo from California that were born in a religious cult, do a lot of drugs, and have had lots of girl troubles. They are, shockingly, not actually girls. Anyways, their music is throwback '60s pop with a bit of a shoegazey, punky edge. I think they're pretty good (not great though), but I fully understand why they were voted most overrated band. They have gotten exceedingly positive reviews (namely from our friends over at Pitchfork), and they aren't very original. In fact, they're exceedingly derivative, and the singer's voice can get a little annoying. So, yeah. Girls, according to you few Il Buono readers, is the most overrated new band.

The other choices were: the xx (25%), The Big Pink (25%), and Washed Out (0%).

Look to the right of your screen, and you'll see this week's poll. The question is, "Which soundtrack are you most looking forward to?"

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