Saturday, October 10, 2009

Poll Results: Most Exciting New Soundtrack

The question this week was "Which new soundtrack are you most looking forward to?" or something along those lines. In the last month (or perhaps longer), the soundtracks from the new Twilight movie and Where The Wild Things Are have both been getting a lot of attention from blogs and whatnot for their inclusion of many talented and respected artists. The Twilight one has new songs by people like Thom Yorke, Grizzly Bear, and Bon Iver (I think), and Wild Things has all new songs by Karen O with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bradford Cox, and some other interesting people. On paper, both look pretty good. I haven't heard the Twilight one, and what I've heard from Wild Things is decent. Not great, not bad. Decent.

Anyways, there were less voted this week (6), but that's okay. The winner by a single vote was Where The Wild Things Are, with 50% of the votes. Though the music isn't exactly my cup of tea, I can see how people like it. And the movie looks amazing, whereas Twilight looks painful. So this choice makes sense to me. There were two other choices as well: "Both" and "Neither." "Both" got 16.7% of the vote, and "Neither" got 33.3%. "Neither" is an understandable choice because both albums are probably passable. Oh, and Twilight got no votes. Too bad.

That was fun, wasn't it? Look to the right to find this week's poll: "What is the best pop song of the decade?" (If your answer is "other," put your answer in the comments of this post.)


  1. I voted for ignition but primarily because there were no britney or miley options.

  2. That's what the "other" option was for Julia! I vote for a tie between Britney's Toxic and Justin's Sexyback. And I'm still irritated there was no Britney on list. And KELLY CLARKSON was, ugh