Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Favorite Krautrock Groups

All that talk about the '70s made me realize a few things. One of those things was that krautrock was (and still is) pretty much the best. For a brief time (from, I'd say, 1969 to 1976 or so) Germany was abuzz with unique experimental rock acts. The music these acts made was referred to as "krautrock" because, well, it was rock made by krauts. (Sorry if that term's offensive.) There isn't exactly a distinct sound to krautrock. Some were more rock, some were more electronic. Many groups used driving, intricate percussion. Many groups used atmospheric electronics. But the two main unifiers were that they were all pushing the boundaries of music, and they were all from Germany. So sit back, grab some schnitzel, and enjoy the mindblowing music of these crazy krauts.

1. Kraftwerk
2. Can
3. Faust
4. Neu!
5. Popol Vuh
6. Cluster
7. Conrad Schnitzler
8. Amon Duul II
9. Ash Ra Tempel
10. Tangerine Dream
11. Klaus Schulze
12. Deuter

That's what I think. Pretty neat stuff, huh?

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