Monday, May 31, 2010

Song of The Day #035

"Die Donnergotter" by Rhys Chatham

Everything about this song is epic. Its name is epic--say it: DIE DONNER- GOTTERRRR. What its name means is epic--The Thundergods. Its length is epic--21 minutes and 48 seconds according to iTunes. Its intro is epic--wailing guitar and an epic drum solo encompass the first three minutes. And, well, the whole rest of the song is epic. When the intro ends just after that three minute mark, there's this classic rock-like breakdown of big guitar strums and then... The song kicks into this driving, pulsing groove. It sounds like Can meets Sonic Youth meets Steve Reich meets Thin Lizzy meets Beethoven meets who knows who else. It's awesome. And epic. (By the way, the YouTube clip is from just from after the intro and does not go until the end.)

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