Saturday, May 1, 2010

Song of The Day #005

"Another Heartbreak / Don't Don't Redux" by Peter Gordon & The Love of Life Orchestra

This new-old gem is the latest release from arguably-my-favorite label DFA Records. (I say new-old because it's a remixing of two of the group's songs from around 1980.) If you're at all acquainted with DFA (LCD Soundsystem, Juan Maclean, Hercules & Love Affair, you know the rest) then you'll notice that the nouvelle disco that the label pumps out with regularity is highly indebted to The Love of Life Orchestra. These songs (it's technically two jams put together) in particular blend pumping disco with avant-jazz saxophone bursts courtesy of bandleader Peter Gordon with scratchy, No Wave-y guitars. (The second part, "Don't Don't" is some funky, Glass-y, Russell-y disco.) A.k.a. it's the blueprint for DFA. Some shiny synths and some modal, Middle Eastern-y junk are thrown into the groove just for fun. The songs together are kinda long (12 and a half minutes), but it's not at all tedious since it's truly two separate songs and each one goes in so many different directions. This is a disco masterpiece, and I'm very happy it was reissued so that you and I can experience it.

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