Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Ramones' Desires

I know I haven't posted anything in a while; I've been busy (bowling, watching television, writing segments of songs, going to school) and uncreative. Well, I'm less busy tonight, but still feeling uncreative. So I'm displaying a list I found that concerns, according to song titles, what the Ramones wanted to do, didn't want to do, cared about, etc. I think this is pretty funny. While The Ramones' lyrics may sound semi-idiotic, they're actually pretty amazing. They're emotional, clever, and excessive in all the right ways. So enjoy. (P.S. I saw this originally on Phil Freeman's Running The Voodoo Down, but he apparently cribbed it from here. I'm not including the whole list, so check that if you want to see the rest.)

Things The Ramones Wanted To Do
Be your boyfriend, sniff some glue, dance, be a good boy, Carbona, be well, have something to do, have some fun, have some kicks, get some chicks, be sedated, live

Things They Didn't Want To Do
Walk around with you, be learned, be tamed, go down to the basement, be a pinhead no more, be taught to be no fool, live this life anymore, be buried in a pet cemetery, fight tonight (on Christmas), grow up

Things They Could Not, Would Not, Or Did Not Do
Be, care, give you anything, make it on time, care about history, know why she wrote that letter, go surfing 'cause it's twenty below, let it happen, seem to make you theirs, control themselves

Things They Did Do
Make a living by pickin' a banana, serve as green berets in Vietnam, go out west where they belonged, swallow their pride, know your name, know your game, remember you, want you around, go mental, be affected, live on Chinese rock, hate the teachers and the principal, watch Get Smart on TV, want the airwaves, want everything, sit in their room (humming a sickening tune), think of you (every time they ate vegetables), believe in miracles, love you

There you have it.

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