Sunday, January 10, 2010

Poll Results: Your Favorite (?) Album of '10

Now that the year and decade are both over, we have to wait forever (11ish months) before we can start making end of the year lists again. So I quickened the wait by asking you what your favorite album of 2010 will be. Obviously, this is impossible to answer because, well, probably not one of you has even heard the album that will eventually be your favorite of the year. But I asked it nonetheless. (And sometimes folks have good foresight. Just one year ago, people were calling MPP album of the year, and many people stuck with that claim.)

Anyways, I gave choices of albums that are coming out in early '10 that are by respected artists and have (or will have) lots of hype. These albums were Beach House's Teen Dream (comes out 1/26), Vampire Weekend's Contra (1/12), and Liars' Sisterworld (3/8). (I might be a little more pumped for that last one than most, but I have a feeling it'll get a bunch of hype come February or so.) Those albums got 20%, 0%, and 20% of the votes, respectively. No love for Vampire Weekend, huh? I'm totally okay with that. Another 20% of the vote went to write-in Romance Is Boring by Los Campesinos! (2/1). The other 40% understandably went to the "This is a ridiculous question" option, because this was a ridiculous question. So there. The evidence was quite inconsequential.

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