Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fish Are Jumpin': Il Buono's Summer Mix

I've noticed that many respectable blogs have created summer mixes. Why? I don't know. But I want Il Buono to also be a respectable blog and, lemming that I am, decided to create my own "summer mix."

Wait--but what is a summer mix? Hell if I know. But it gives me an excuse to make a nice, little playlist with nice, little songs that have a, um, summery feel to them I suppose. They're fun and beach-y or whatever I guess. (I'm not really into the whole chillwave/glo-fi/whatever movement which is what dominates many of these summer mixes.)

Several of these tunes were released in or shortly before the summer of 2010, which makes them relevant choices for the mix, and the ones that were released in previous months, years, decades, etc. are also relevant in my mind just because.

So here it is in downloadable form (!) so that you can all enjoy summer even more. (A tracklist is below.)

1. Santo & Johnny--Summertime
2. Sun Araw--The Stakeout
3. Julian Lynch--Just Enough
4. Oneohtrix Point Never--Ouroboros
5. The Beach Boys--Don't Go Near The Water
6. Dirty Projectors + Bjork--When The World Comes To An End
7. Cults--Oh My God
8. Pocahaunted--You Do Voo Doo
9. Dara Puspita--Soala Asmara
10. Janelle Monae--Oh, Maker
11. James Blake--CMYK
12. Joy Orbison--The Shrew That Would've Cushioned The Blow

I threw a couple random noises in there for posterity. Have fun and wear sunscreen.

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