Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Favorite Love Songs

Well, it's Valentine's Day: the day that makes some people extremely happy and others extremely depressed (and leaves a few, like me, indifferent). That means it's time for Il Buono to look at its favorite love songs. But, rather than look at songs about love--which is probably over 80% of all songs ever written--we're going to count down our favorite songs by the band Love. One of the finest psychedelic rock groups of the '60s, Love made several really weird and beautiful albums, including the unbelievable classic Forever Changes, one of the better records ever made. So on this February 14, we're going to celebrate Love (albeit a little differently than most folks). (The song is in bold, and the corresponding album follows in parentheses.)

11. Ride That Vibration (False Start) (no link. Sorry.)

That's what I think. Happy Valentine's Day.

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