Monday, August 24, 2009

Top Albums of the 1990s (Pt. 1)

I've mostly exhausted the 2000s album-wise, which means I have to find another decade. So, I'll start with my first decade: the '90s. Granted, my memories of the time period concern mainly Power Rangers, Furbies, Pokemon, Legos, and the Chicago Bulls. In terms of music, I was mainly into the Pokemon theme song and "Mmmbop." However, as time has progressed and I've hit puberty, I've found that a lot of truly amazing music was produced in the '90s ("Mmmbop" being only one example.)

The main genre (at least for me) that pervaded the '90s was "indie rock," and its many subgenres--lo-fi, post-rock, etc. So that's what will be the dominant genre on this list. But don't worry trip-hop, hip-hop, electronic, and other fans, they'll be some stuff for you, too. And, like with all these lists, there's stuff I don't have and stuff I haven't heard, so I might not dislike your favorite album. I just might have never heard it. So send it to me!

This list will be given in three parts because these posts take me a long time to write. The first part (this one) will have #120 through #31. Part 2 will include #30-#16 with write-ups, and Part 3 will have #15-#1 with slightly longer write-ups.

Without further ado, here's #120-#31:

120. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien--I Wish My Brother George Was Here
119. Mouse on Mars--Audiotacker
118. Rancid--Let's Go!
117. Wesley Willis--Rush Hour
116. The Roots--Things Fall Apart
115. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds--The Boatman's Call
114. Sleater-Kinney--The Hot Rock
113. Cibo Matto--Viva! La Woman
112. Dr. Dre--The Chronic
111. Mercury Rev--Deserter's Songs

110. Mouse on Mars--Glam
109. Peter Brotzmann--Nothing To Say: Dedicated to Oscar Wilde
108. Sonic Youth--Dirty
107. Beck--Mutations
106. Roots Manuva--Brand New Second Hand
105. Boris--Absolutego
104. Gas--Gas
103. Outkast--ATLiens
102. Sonic Youth--Experimental Jet Set, Trash & No Star
101. Red Red Meat--Bunny Gets Paid

100. Ustad Ali Akhbar Khan--Traditional Music of India
99. Anthony Braxton--Composition #165 (For 18 Intruments)
98. PJ Harvey--Rid Of Me
97. Ultra Vivid Scene--Joy: 1967-1990
96. Stereolab--Emperor Tomato Ketchup
95. Saint Etienne--Foxbase Alpha
94. Green Day--Dookie
93. Deee-lite--World Clique
92. Earth--Earth 2
91. Fenn O'Berg--The Magic Sound of Fenn O'Berg

90. GZA--Liquid Swords
89. R.E.M.--Automatic For The People
88. Belle & Sebastian--If You're Feeling Sinister
87. Harvey Milk--Courtesy and Good Will Toward Men
86. Air--Moon Safari
85. Gas--Zauberberg
84. Yo La Tengo--Fakebook
83. Fennesz--Hotel Paral.lel
82. Smog--Knock Knock
81. Liz Phair--Exile In Guyville

80. Jeff Buckley--Grace
79. Shellac--At Action Park
78. Arthur Russell--Another Thought
77. Nirvana--MTV Unplugged In New York
76. A Tribe Called Quest--Midnight Marauders
75. Bardo Pond--Amanita
74. Massive Attack--Mezzanine
73. De La Soul--De La Soul is Dead
72. The Olivia Tremor Control--Dusk At Cubist Castle
71. Tortoise--TNT

70. John Zorn--Grand Guignol
69. Beck--Midnite Vultures
68. K.M.D.--Mr. Hood
67. The Melvins--Houdini
66. Pixies--Trompe Le Monde
65. Bjork--Debut
64. Massive Attack--Blue Lines
63. Gas--Konigsforst
62. Primal Scream--Screamadelica
61. Smashing Pumpkins--Siamese Dream

60. Mouse on Mars--Iaora Tahiti
59. Slowdive--Souvlaki
58. The Breeders--Last Splash
57. Unwound--Repetition
56. Tom Waits--Mule Variations
55. Mogwai--Young Team
54. Built To Spill--There's Nothing Wrong With Love
53. The Notorious B.I.G.--Ready To Die
52. The Beta Band--The Three EP's
51. Jawbox--For Your Own Special Sweetheart

50. Weezer--Pinkerton
49. A Tribe Called Quest--The Low End Theory
48. Aphex Twin--Selected Ambient Works, Vol. II
47. Tortoise--Millions Now Living Will Never Die
46. Sonic Youth--Goo
45. Tricky--Maxinquaye
44. Nirvana--In Utero
43. Nas--Illmatic
42. Scott Walker--Tilt
41. Pavement--Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain

40. Palace Music--Viva Last Blues
39. The Orb--The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld
38. Oval--94 Diskont
37. The Jesus Lizard--Liar
36. Radiohead--The Bends
35. Beastie Boys--Check Your Head
34. Boredoms--Super Ae
33. Dr. Octagon--Dr. Octagonecologyst
32. Brainiac--Hissing Prigs In Static Couture
31. Radiohead--OK Computer

Hopefully that's satisfying for now. Look for 30-16 tomorrow.

That's what I think. Feel free to tell me off and/or speculate about the top 30.

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