Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pitchfork's Best Tracks of the Decade

It may be early, but Pitchfork released their list of the 500 best tracks of the decade. The list made me realize that 1. 500 songs is a lot of songs, and 2. a decade is a really long time.

The list itself is relatively interesting and relatively predictable if you've payed any attention to the site this decade. I agree with some of the top picks (Outkast, LCD Soundsystem Missy Elliot), but they like Beyonce and Daft Punk a lot more than I do. It's worth your time to look through the list, at least so that you can pass the time before my easier-to-swallow top 180 songs of the decade list comes out.

The countdown from 500 starts here, and the top 10 (spoiler alert) is listed below.

10. The Arcade Fire--Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) (not my favorite by them)
9. Animal Collective--My Girls (see above explanation)
8. Radiohead--Idioteque (it's not that good)
7. Missy Elliot--Get Ur Freak On (can't argue here)
6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs--Maps (can't argue here either)
5. Daft Punk--One More Time (really?)
4. Beyonce--Crazy In Love (good, but #4? No.)
3. M.I.A.--Paper Planes (feat. Bun B and Rich Boy) (a little bit high I think)
2. LCD Soundsystem--All My Friends (deserves it)
1. Outkast--B.O.B. (maybe not the best, but certainly top 5)

There you go. Decade list mania has officially started.

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