Sunday, October 24, 2010

Song of The Day #147

"So And Slow It Grows" by Wir

This song was technically released by Wir, but Wir is really just legendary post-punk-ers Wire in the early '90s after Robert Gotobed left the group. Why they dropped the "e" for such a short period of time is somewhat of a mystery--at least to me--and it's kind of a stupid idea. That said, the loss of the final letter didn't result in the loss of songwriting ability. "So And Slow It Grows" is a choppy, new-wave-y, rave-y dance track that's as catchy as it is weird. And while it, like the rest of Wire's dance music, isn't quite as amazing as the stuff on Pink Flag, Chairs Missing, or 154, it's still worth your time.

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