Saturday, March 20, 2010

Poll Results: Your Favorite Color of the Rainbow

If you hadn't noticed, I went a while without giving you a poll. This is because my polls were all pretty lame and also because I kinda forgot about them. Well, I remembered. But this past poll was still pretty lame.

Nevertheless, I asked you what your favorite color of the rainbow is. Totally random question. No significance. But you voted, and here are the results: green won with 50% followed by indigo with 33% and then yellow with 16%. The remaining colors (hopefully I don't have to list them here) all got zero votes. In case you were wondering, my favorite is indigo.

So that's that. Seeing as festival season has begun (see: SXSW), I'm starting to get excited for my hometown's biggest fest: Lollapalooza. The headliners have been announced (leaked, whatever), and they're relatively good I think. So I'm wondering which you are or would be (if you're not going) most excited to see.

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