Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Favorite Music That Starts With "R"

My post frequency has been somewhere between between very infrequent and pathetically infrequent since the start of the calendar year. Reasons: 1) I have had a lot of school work, and 2) I have trouble thinking up new lists sometimes. Well, I don't have much school work this week! But I also still don't exactly have great list ideas; this batch of lists isn't exactly creative, but it's fun to look at and think about nonetheless.

If you didn't glean the idea from the title, this post showcases my favorite albums, artists and songs that start with the letter "R". Why R? It seems rather arbitrary, you might think. And you might think correctly. It is completely arbitrary; I just picked a random letter that wasn't too obscure (it'd be considerably harder to make a "Q" list). So, while there isn't a time period or genre or theme of any sort uniting these selections, there is a letter--and that letter is the glorious R.

Top 30 Albums

30. PJ Harvey--Rid Of Me
29. Can--Rite Time
28. Four Tet--Rounds
27. Sonic Youth--Rather Ripped
26. Wire--Read & Burn
25. Lee "Scratch" Perry--Roast Fish Collie Weed & Cornbread
24. Unwound--Repetition
23. Kraftwerk--Radioactivity
22. The Notorious B.I.G.--Ready To Die
21. Basement Jaxx--Rooty

20. Fenn O'Berg--Return Of Fenn O'Berg, The
19. Robert Wyatt--Rock Bottom
18. Deerhoof--Runners Four, The
17. The Pogues--Rum, Sodomy & The Lash
16. John Fahey--Requia
15. Terry Riley--A Rainbow In Curved Air
14. David Bowie--Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars, The
13. Dirty Projectors--Rise Above
12. John Fahey--Red Cross
11. Fugazi--Red Medicine

10. The Beatles--Rubber Soul
9. Aphex Twin--Richard D. James Album
8. The Ramones--Rocket To Russia
7. TV On The Radio--Return To Cookie Mountain
6. Devendra Banhart--Rejoicing In The Hands
5. Iggy & The Stooges--Raw Power
4. The Ramones--Ramones
3. Talking Heads--Remain In Light
2. Tom Waits--Rain Dogs
1. The Beatles--Revolver

A little bit of a no-brainer there. And Revolver is not only the greatest album ever to start with an R, but also the greatest one to end in an R.

Top 30 "R"tists
(For solo artists, last names and first names starting with R both count)

30. Rahsaan Roland Kirk
29. Rufus Thomas
28. Red Red Meat
27. Rivingtons, The
26. Richie Havens
25. Rapture, The
24. Raekwon
23. R. Kelly
22. Ry Cooder
21. Ronettes, The

20. Rakim
19. Richman, Jonathan
18. Rapeman
17. Residents, The
16. R.E.M.
15. Richard Hell & The Voidoids
14. Ride
13. Robert Wyatt
12. Replacements, The
11. Randy Newman

10. Rolling Stones, The
9. Roscoe Mitchell
8. Redding, Otis
7. Radiohead
6. Ray Charles
5. Riley, Terry
4. Ramones, The
3. Reich, Steve
2. Russell, Arthur
1. Reed, Lou

While his solo output isn't necessarily #1 "R"tist material, the fact that he was the principal member of The Velvet Underground puts Lou Reed at the top of this list.

Top 60 Songs

60. Roni Size &Reprazent--Railing
59. The Germs--Richie Dagger's Crime
58. Devendra Banhart--Red Lagoon, The
57. Link Wray--Run Chicken Run
56. Snap!--Rhythm Is A Dancer
55. Scott Walker--Rawhide
54. Devendra Banhart--Rejoicing In The Hands
53. Death From Above 1979--Romantic Rights
52. Buddy Holly--Ready Teddy
51. Outkast--Roses

50. John Fahey--Red Cross, Disciple Of Today
49. YACHT--Ring The Bell
48. Edan--Rock And Roll
47. The Minutemen--Roars Of The Masses Could Be Farts, The
46. Matias Aguayo--Rollerskate
45. Elvis Costello--Radio, Radio
44. Sonic Youth--Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style
43. Love--Ride That Vibration
42. Big Boi--Royal Flush
41. Miles Davis--Right Off

40. Basement Jaxx--Romeo
39. Dr. John--Right Place, Wrong Time
38. Lady Sovereign--Random
37. Buddy Holly--Rave On!
36. Built To Spill--Randy Described Eternity
35. R.E.M.--Radio Free Europe
34. The Rolling Stones--Rocks Off
33. New Order--Round & Round
32. Patti Smith--Rock N Roll Nigger
31. T. Rex--Rock On

30. Van Halen--Runnin' With The Devil
29. Public Enemy--Rebel Without A Pause
28. Lee "Scratch" Perry--Roast Fish And Cornbread
27. John Fahey--Requiem For Molly
26. Iron Maiden--Run To The Hills
25. Digable Planets--Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)
24. Dirty Projectors--Rise Above
23. The Sugarhill Gang--Rapper's Delight
22. Ike & Tina Turner--River Deep, Mountain High
21. Herbie Hancock--Rain Dance

20. Frankie Goes To Hollywood--Relax
19. Nick Drake--River Man
18. Black Flag--Rise Above
17. Bob Dylan--Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
16. Hot Chip--Ready For The Floor
15. The Beatles--Revolution 9
14. Wire--Reuters
13. Boards Of Canada--Roygbiv
12. Serge Gainsbourg--Requiem Pour Un Con
11. The Velvet Underground--Rock And Roll

10. The Ramones--Rockaway Beach
9. Portishead--The Rip
8. Kate Bush--Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
7. Terry Riley--A Rainbow In Curved Air
6. Nick Drake--Road
5. Creedence Clearwater Revival--Run Through The Jungle
4. The Shangri-Las--Remember (Walking In The Sand)
3. Chuck Berry--Roll Over Beethoven
2. Del Shannon--Runaway
1. The Modern Lovers--Roadrunner

That's what I think. I realize this list is a little ridiculous (another R word), but it's kinda fun, too. The picture at the top is of Terry Riley: one of the letter R's greatest sons. Something to note: The Ramones were in the top ten of each R category. Neat!


  1. I looooooooooove Janelle Monae! I am ready for her album "The ArchAndroid" to drop May 18th so I can vibe to her musical masterpeice!