Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Top Albums of the 1980s (Pt. 1)

Like I said in the previous post, this is the First Annual '80s Week here at Il Buono. (I don't think I actually did say that.) Though some of the most terrible and ridiculous things came out of the '80s, it was still a great decade for music and pop culture. I can only wish I lived through those ten years, but, through VH1, John Hughes movies, and post-punk records, I think I've gotten the general gist of the decade--what made it excessive, flashy, bizarre, and awesome.

This list functions exactly like its '90s counterpart, but with different albums. It will include my 120 favorites from the decade. This part (Part 1) will be a list of #120-#31. Part 2 will have 30-16 with written explanations, and Part 3 will have 15-1 with slightly longer written explanations. (Those will come hopefully by this weekend.) "Post-punk" and "indie rock" seem to be the genres that I enjoy most from the 1980s. Thus, a majority of the albums fall in or near one of those two categories. However, there are enough synth-pop/new wave albums there to satisfy most fans of the that stuff, and there are a few hip-hop albums. I've said it before, but as with all lists I make, there are things that I simply haven't heard. (For example, I've never heard all of Sign O The Times by Prince, so it's not on this list.) Enjoy.

120. Angry Samoans--Back From Samoa
119. Sparks--Angst In My Pants
118. The Cure--Pornography
117. Anti-Nowhere League--We Are The League
116. Robert Ashley--Improvement
115. Galaxie 500--Today
114. Naked Raygun--Jettison
113. The Cure--Faith
112. The Raincoats--The Kitchen Tapes
111. Wipers--Is This Real?

110. The Lounge Lizards--Voice Of Chunk
109. Echo & The Bunnymen--Crocodiles
108. Ry Cooder--Paris, Texas
107. Scientist--World At War
106. Simply Saucer--Cyborgs Revisited
105. The John Carter Octet--Dauwhe
104. David Bowie--Let's Dance
103. Tippa Irie--Is It Really Happening To Me
102. Can--Rite Time
101. Cameo--She's Strange

100. Jandek--Staring At The Cellophane
99. Slint--Tweez
98. Christian Marclay--More Encores
97. Archie Shepp--Trouble In Mind
96. XTC--English Settlement
95. Pylon--Gyrate
94. Wipers--Over The Edge
93. Einsturzende Neubauten--Haus Der Luge
92. Fugazi--13 Songs
91. Metallica--Kill 'Em All

90. The Smiths--Strangeways, Here We Come
89. Wipers--Youth Of America
88. Sonic Youth--Bad Moon Rising
87. Kate Bush--Hounds Of Love
86. Brian Eno--Ambient 4: On Land
85. Big Daddy Kane--Long Live The Kane
84. Scott Walker--Climate Of Hunter
83. Tom Tom Club--Tom Tom Club
82. The Stone Roses--The Stone Roses
81. The Replacements--Tim

80. Black Flag--Damaged
79. John Zorn--The Big Gundown
78. Cocteau Twins--Treasure
77. X--Los Angeles
76. Dinosaur Jr.--You're Living All Over Me
75. R.E.M.--Murmur
74. Ministry--The Land Of Rape And Honey
73. The Birthday Party--Prayers On Fire
72. Rapeman--Two Nuns And A Pack Mule
71. The Gun Club--The Las Vegas Story

70. Arthur Russell--World Of Echo
69. Public Enemy--Yo! Bum Rush The Show
68. The Misfits--Walk Among Us
67. Talk Talk--The Colour Of Spring
66. Glenn Branca--The Ascension
65. Crass--Penis Envy
64. Tears For Fears--Songs From The Big Chair
63. Gang Of Four--Songs Of The Free
62. Pixies--Come On Pilgrim
61. The Cure--The Head On The Door

60. Big Black--Atomizer
59. Boogie Down Productions--Criminal Minded
58. Leonard Cohen--I'm Your Man
57. Dexy's Midnight Runners--Searching For The Young Soul Rebels
56. The Cure--Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
55. The Pogues--Rum, Sodomy, and The Lash
54. Michael Jackson--Thriller
53. Husker Du--New Day Rising
52. New Order--Brotherhood
51. David Bowie--Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)

50. Nurse With Wound--Homotopy To Marie
49. ESG--Come Away With ESG
48. New Order--Movement
47. Beat Happening--Jamboree
46. Bad Brains--Bad Brains
45. Spacemen 3--Playing With Fire
44. New Order--Technique
43. Adam and The Ants--Kings Of The Wild Frontier
42. The Human League--Dare
41. Prince--Dirty Mind

40. King Crimson--Discipline
39. Young Marble Giants--Colossal Youth
38. Minor Threat--Out Of Step
37. Mission Of Burma--Vs.
36. John Zorn--Naked City
35. Talking Heads--Stop Making Sense
34. The Smiths--The Queen Is Dead
33. Eric B. & Rakim--Paid In Full
32. Talk Talk--Spirit Of Eden
31. The Cure--Disintegration

That's what I think. If some of your favorites aren't there, don't worry. Either they're really good (and will be ranked higher) or they're really bad. Stay tuned.

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