Sunday, April 17, 2011

Revisiting My Favorite Albums of The 2000s

Notice there's no parenthetical "again" following the titular decade. This is because, drumroll please*, I have not yet before revisited my Favorite Albums of The 2000s list. When I published it at the close of 2009 (and the 2000s as a whole), that was the first and only publishing. But, oh, how the times have changed. In the roughly sixteen and a half months since I released that list, I've heard many new albums--new as in I hadn't heard them before, not as in they recently came out--and reflected more on the old ones. As such, I have a new list. (Granted, one that's pretty similar to the old one...)

As I said many times in several different ways when I initially counted down my favorite albums of this past decade, I have a special attachment to the '00s. I have such an attachment on account of it's the only decade I've lived all the way through, and, as much as I love to wax nostalgic about the '90s, it's the decade during which I truly grew up and began to appreciate the music on this list and every other published on this blog. So, while I may tell myself that the music of the past is "better" music (and perhaps I'm right), there's something about this music, on these albums, that makes them far more enjoyable, identifiable, and meaningful than even the best records from the '70s. I heard many of these when they first came out. I read the reviews. I went to the store. I bought the CD (or record or mp3). And if I didn't hear them within weeks or even days of their release, I heard them maybe a year or two later. This is the music of my generation. Animal Collective is our Beatles, and TV On The Radio our Rolling Stones. (Don't hold me accountable for those analogies; I'm just trying to make a point...)

And so here is the list: 204 albums, all released from 2000 to 2009, presented in a fully overwhelming/overwrought bulk of text. Enjoy.

*You didn't actually have to a drum roll; in fact, it might be weird if you did.

204. Fennesz--Black Sea
203. Art Brut--Bang Bang Rock & Roll
202. Mouse On Mars--Idiology
201. Deerhoof--Friend Opportunity

200. Maps And Atlases--Trees, Swallows, Houses
199. Nashi Dela--Po-Russki
198. Mastodon--Leviathan
197. Vitalic--OK Cowboy
196. Interpol--Turn On The Bright Lights
195. Philip Jeck--Sand
194. Pelt--Untitled
193. Atlas Sound--Logos
192. Edan--Beauty And The Beat
191. Girls--Album

190. Harvey Milk--Life... The Best Game In Town
189. Air France--No Way Down
188. Devendra Banhart--Cripple Crow
187. Scissor Sisters--Scissor Sisters
186. Beirut--Gulag Orkestar
185. Viktor Vaughn--Vaudeville Villain
184. Art Ensemble Of Chicago--Tribute To Lester
183. Pink Reason--Cleaning The Mirror
182. Lily Allen--Alright, Still
181. Akron/Family--Meek Warrior

180. Gang Gang Dance--God's Money
179. The Fiery Furnaces--I'm Going Away
178. Sufjan Stevens--Illinois
177. Yeah Yeah Yeahs--Fever To Tell
176. El-P--Fantastic Damage
175. Fucked Up--Hidden World
174. The Unicorns--Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone
173. Sunn 0)))--Black One
172. Studio--Yearbook 1
171. Caribou--The Milk Of Human Kindness

170. Beirut--The Flying Club Cup
169. Lindstrom--Where You Go I Go Too
168. My Morning Jacket--Z
167. Ornette Coleman--Sound Grammar
166. El Guincho--Alegranza!
165. Sun Araw--Beach Head
164. Ben Frost--By The Throat
163. Chromatics--Night Drive
162. Queens Of The Stone Age--Songs For The Deaf
161. Dirty Projectors--Slaves' Graves And Ballads

160. The Books--Lost And Safe
159. Mum--Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today Is OK
158. TV On The Radio--Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes
157. Deerhunter--Cryptograms
156. Primal Scream--XTRMNTR
155. Junior Boys--Last Exit
154. Fuck Buttons--Street Horrrsing
153. Broadcast--The Noise Made By People
152. M83--Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
151. Boris--Pink

150. Destroyer--Destroyer's Rubies
149. Dam-Funk--Toeachizown
148. Grouper--Cover The Windows And The Walls
147. M.I.A.--Arular
146. Isolee--We Are Monster
145. Beach House--Beach House
144. Jim O'Rourke--The Visitor
143. Basement Jaxx--Rooty
142. The Go! Team--Thunder, Lightning, Strike
141. Sonic Youth--Sonic Nurse

140. The Microphones--The Glow, Pt. 2
139. Deerhoof--Apple O'
138. Jack Rose--Kensington Blues
137. Erykah Badu--New Amerykah: Part One (Fourth World War)
136. Prinzhorn Dance School--Prinzhorn Dance School
135. Burial--Burial
134. The Rapture--Echoes
133. William Basinski--The Disintegration Loops
132. Caribou--Andorra
131. Liars--Liars

130. Radiohead--Amnesiac
129. Titus Andronicus--The Airing Of Grievances
128. Ekkehard Ehlers--Plays
127. Destroyer--Streethawk: A Seduction
126. Vashti Bunyan--Lookaftering
125. Bibio--Ambivalence Avenue
124. Atlas Sound--Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel
123. Sunn 0)))--Monoliths and Dimensions
122. Bat For Lashes--Two Suns
121. Junior Boys--So This Is Goodbye

120. King Midas Sound--Waiting For You
119. Ghostface Killah--Fishscale
118. M.I.A.--Kala
117. Mu--Afro Finger And Gel
116. Beach House--Devotion
115. Eagles Of Death Metal--Peace Love Death Metal
114. Animal Collective--Here Comes The Indian
113. Supersilent--6
112. Orthrelm--OV
111. Aphex Twin--DrukQs

110. Black Dice--Beaches & Canyons
109. Outkast--Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
108. Raekwon--Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II
107. Fenn O'Berg--The Return Of Fenn O'Berg
106. The Sandwitches--How To Make Ambient Sadcake
105. Devendra Banhart--Oh Me Oh My...
104. M.I.A.--Piracy Funds Terrorism
103. Micachu--Jewellery
102. Om--Conference Of The Birds
101. Pantha Du Prince--This Bliss

100. Luomo--Vocalcity
99. Fleet Foxes--Fleet Foxes
98. Hot Chip--The Warning
97. 2 Many DJ's--As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 2
96. Modest Mouse--Good News For People Who Love Bad News
95. The Fiery Furnaces--Gallowsbird's Bark
94. Max Tundra--Mastered By Guy At The Exchange
93. The White Stripes--De Stijl
92. J Dilla--Donuts
91. Dirty Projectors--The Getty Address

90. Deerhoof--The Runners Four
89. Ghostface Killah--Supreme Clientele
88. The Streets--A Grand Don't Come For Free
87. Antony & The Johnsons--The Crying Light
86. Bon Iver--For Emma, Forever Ago
85. Dan Deacon--Spiderman Of The Rings
84. Kanye West--The College Dropout
83. The Darkness--Permission To Land
82. Lightning Bolt--Wonderful Rainbow
81. Gang Gang Dance--Saint Dymphna

80. Broadcast & The Focus Group--Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age
79. Deerhunter--Microcastle
78. Godspeed You! Black Emperor--Lift Yr. Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven
77. The Other People Place--Lifestyles Of The Laptop Cafe
76. The Books--Thought For Food
75. Grizzly Bear--Veckatimest
74. Tom Waits--Orphans
73. Gas--Pop
72. Fucked Up--The Chemistry of Common Life
71. Sun Araw--Heavy Deeds

70. Missy Elliott--Miss E...So Addictive
69. Tom Waits--Alice
68. Grouper--Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill
67. Bjork--Vespertine
66. Wolf Parade--Apologies To The Queen Mary
65. Fuck Buttons--Tarot Sport
64. No Age--Weirdo Rippers
63. Unwound--Leaves Turn Inside You
62. Tom Waits--Real Gone
61. The Bug--London Zoo

60. Hercules And Love Affair--Hercules And Love Affair
59. Madvillain--Madvillainy
58. John Fahey--Red Cross
57. Joanna Newsom--The Milk-Eyed Mender
56. The Field--From Here We Go Sublime
55. TV On The Radio--Dear Science
54. Jim O'Rourke--Insignificance
53. Ricardo Villalobos--Alcachofa
52. Grizzly Bear--Yellow House
51. Clinic--Internal Wrangler

50. Dirty Projectors--Rise Above
49. Fever Ray--Fever Ray
48. The Streets--Original Pirate Material
47. Robert Wyatt--Cuckooland
46. Battles--Mirrored
45. Joanna Newsom--Ys
44. Sigur Ros--Agaetis Byrjun
43. The Books--The Lemon Of Pink
42. LCD Soundsystem--LCD Soundsystem
41. Animal Collective--Feels

40. Mclusky--Mclusky Do Dallas
39. No Age--Nouns
38. Dan Deacon--Bromst
37. Fugazi--The Argument
36. The White Stripes--Elephant
35. Yo La Tengo--And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out
34. Deerhoof--Reveille
33. The Strokes--Is This It
32. Liars--They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top
31. Scott Walker--The Drift

30. Broadcast--Haha Sound
29. Brian Wilson--Smile
28. The Exploding Hearts--Guitar Romantic
27. Manitoba--Up In Flames
26. Antony & The Johnsons--I Am A Bird Now
25. Boredoms--Vision Creation Newsun
24. Animal Collective--Strawberry Jam
23. Liars--Drum's Not Dead
22. Sonic Youth--Murray Street
21. D'Angelo--Voodoo

20. Boards Of Canada--Geogaddi
19. Radiohead--Kid A
18. Animal Collective--Merriweather Post Pavilion
17. Fennesz--Endless Summer
16. Dizzee Rascal--Boy In Da Corner
15. Burial--Untrue
14. The Knife--Silent Shout
13. Fiery Furnaces--Blueberry Boat
12. TV On The Radio--Return To Cookie Mountain
11. Portishead--Third

10. Devendra Banhart--Rejoicing In The Hands
9. Arcade Fire--Funeral
8. Dirty Projectors--Bitte Orca
7. The Avalanches--Since I Left You
6. Panda Bear--Person Pitch
5. Modest Mouse--The Moon & Antarctica
4. LCD Soundsystem--Sound Of Silver
3. The White Stripes--White Blood Cells
2. Outkast--Stankonia
1. Animal Collective--Sung Tongs

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