Monday, March 28, 2011

Revisiting My Favorite Albums of The 1990s (Again)

So one year ago tomorrow, if you recall, I published this. In case you don't recall and don't feel like reading that (which would be perfectly understandable; it's very longwinded) I'll give you the highlights. Basically it said that my tastes in music change and I also hear new stuff all the time blah blah blah I'm republishing my Best Albums of Decades albums list! Yeah!

This time around, though, I'll spare you the color-coordinating and whatnot--and by spare you, I mean spare myself; that took me a long time. I also don't think I'll be writing too many (or any) explanations. The albums can speak for themselves, and, to be honest, I don't think the lists have changed too much. The major difference is that I'm including 102 albums instead of 90. So there.

This specific post is, as you can glean from its title, about the 1990s. The 1990s were this weird decade that happened a long time ago but because the people who were young during it are now young adults who produce the indie movies and write the blogs that we all watch and read, we are inundated with references to it, whether that means flannel shirts, shoegaze, Pete & Pete, etc. The thing is, I am sort of one of these people. I'm a little on the young side--I only saw Pete & Pete in syndication--but I definitely identify with the culture of the '90s. As such, the music of the '90s is some of my favorite. I love trip-hop. I love shoegaze. I love acid house. I love post-rock. I love Nirvana. So here goes: my favorite albums of the 1990s. Again. (A sidenote: in the spirit of the '90s I'm going to see Godspeed You! Black Emperor tonight at The Vic. Woo-hoo!)

102. Air--Moon Safari
101. Massive Attack--Protection
100. The Melvins--Houdini
99. Belle & Sebastian--If You're Feeling Sinister
98. Mouse On Mars--Iaora Tahiti
97. Slowdive--Souvlaki
96. Orbital--Orbital II
95. The Breeders--Last Splash
94. K.M.D.--Mr. Hood
93. Herbert--Around The House
92. De La Soul--De La Soul Is Dead
91. Smashing Pumpkins--Siamese Dream

90. Swans--Soundtracks For The Blind
89. Boredoms--Pop Tatari
88. Jawbox--For Your Own Special Sweetheart
87. Destroyer--City Of Daughters
86. Green Day--Dookie
85. Mogwai--Young Team
84. The Notorious B.I.G.--Ready To Die
83. The Orb--U.F.Orb
82. Primal Scream--Screamadelica
81. Drexciya--Neptune's Lair

80. Sonic Youth--Washing Machine
79. Gas--Konigsforst
78. Robert Wyatt--Shleep
77. Unwound--Repetition
76. The Beta Band--The Three EP's
75. Beastie Boys--Ill Communication
74. Underworld--Dubnobasswithmyheadman
73. TLC--CrazySexyCool
72. Fugazi--Repeater
71. Neutral Milk Hotel--On Avery Island

70. Bjork--Debut
69. Beat Happening--Dreamy
68. Raekwon--Only Built 4 Cuban Linx
67. Squarepusher--Music Is Rotted One Note
66. Elliott Smith--Either/Or
65. Beck--Midnite Vultures
64. A Tribe Called Quest--The Low End Theory
63. The Halo Benders--The Rebels Not In
62. Nine Inch Nails--The Downward Spiral
61. Massive Attack--Mezzanine

60. The Orb--The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld
59. The Jesus Lizard--Liar
58. Jeff Buckley--Grace
57. Pavement--Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
56. Tom Waits--Mule Variations
55. Palace Brothers--Days In The Wake
54. Nas--Illmatic
53. Tortoise--Millions Now Living Will Never Die
52. Sonic Youth--Goo
51. Oval--94 Diskont

50. Company Flow--Funcrusher Plus
49. New Order--Republic
48. Radiohead--The Bends
47. Beat Happening--You Turn Me On
46. Pavement--Wowee Zowee
45. Aphex Twin--Selected Ambient Works Volume II
44. Weezer--Pinkerton
43. Boredoms--Super Ae
42. Jim O'Rourke--Eureka
41. Radiohead--OK Computer

40. Scott Walker--Tilt
39. Beastie Boys--Check Your Head
38. Palace Music--Viva Last Blues
37. Brainiac--Hissing Prigs In Static Couture
36. Built To Spill--Perfect From Now On
35. Guided By Voices--Propeller
34. Godspeed You! Black Emperor--F#A#(Infinity)
33. The Jesus Lizard--Goat
32. Tom Waits--Bone Machine
31. Dr. Octagon--Dr. Octagonecologyst

30. Wu-Tang Clan--Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chamber)
29. Yo La Tengo--Painful
28. Massive Attack--Blue Lines
27. Spiritualized--Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
26. Fugazi--Red Medicine
25. Bjork--Post
24. Ride--Nowhere
23. Tricky--Maxinquaye
22. Talk Talk--Laughing Stock
21. Pixies--Bossanova

20. Public Enemy--Fear Of A Black Planet
19. Outkast--Aquemini
18. Boards of Canada--Music Has The Right To Children
17. Yo La Tengo--I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One
16. Nirvana--In Utero
15. Bjork--Homogenic
14. Bonnie "Prince" Billy--I See A Darkness
13. Aphex Twin--Richard D. James Album
12. Beck--Odelay
11. Guided By Voices--Bee Thousand

10. Pavement--Slanted & Enchanted
9. Weezer--Weezer
8. Portishead--Dummy
7. DJ Shadow--Endtroducing...
6. Slint--Spiderland
5. Guided By Voices--Alien Lanes
4. Modest Mouse--The Lonesome Crowded West
3. Nirvana--Nevermind
2. Neutral Milk Hotel--In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
1. My Bloody Valentine--Loveless

Fuzzy guitar-oriented rock music certainly wins the '90s for me, despite various strains of electronica trying to vie for the title. That's okay. I'll leave you with an unbelievable live performance of one of the best tracks on this decade's best album. Have a nice day.

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