Monday, December 7, 2009

Gorilla vs. Bear's Best Songs of 2009

Since they released their albums of '09 list a few days ago, I figured Gorilla vs. Bear would be releasing their song of '09 list pretty imminently. I don't feel like saying anything insightful. Or semi-insightful. On with the lists! (They're here in full, by the way.)

Chris's List

10. Best Coast--When I'm With You
Just listened to it. It's okay.
9. Grizzly Bear--Ready, Able
I do love this song, but I'm partial to the singles.
8. Animal Collective--What Would I Want? Sky
I think I've already professed my adoration for this song.
7. Big Boi feat. Gucci Mane--Shine Blockas
See above.
6. Smith Westerns--Imagine, Pt. 3
Not too keen on these guys.
5. Washed Out--Feel It All Around
See above. But make it "this guy."
4. Cass McCombs--You Saved My Life
See above. (But cool video.)
3. White Denim--Regina Holding Hands
See #6.
2. Girls--Hellhole Ratrace
My favorite song on the album, but it's not this good.
1. Animal Collective--My Girls
Not unpredictable, but a great song.

David's List

10. Bullion--Time For Us All To Love
I've never heard it...
9. Family Portrait--Mega Secrets
See above.
8. Smith Westerns--Imagine, Pt. 3
7. Major Lazer--Can't Stop Now
Solid song, but not my favorite by them.
6. Phoenix--1901
I'm just not crazy about these guys.
5. Grizzly Bear--Cheerleader
Another very good song, but, once again, I'm a sucker for singles.
4. Girls--Lust For Life
A good song, certainly. Not quite this good.
3. White Denim--Regina Holding Hands
2. Best Coast--Sun Was High (So Was I)
I'm not too impressed.
1. Animal Collective--My Girls

Yeah. That's it. Cool.

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  1. Gorilla Vs. Bear is definitely overrating "Imagine Pt. 3", but they are still really awesome. And from Chi-city!

    Semi- importantly it doesn't seem like they are capitalizing on the "lo-fi" trend. The album was very fuzzy but the next release, Imagine Pt. 3, was cleaned up considerably.