Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gorilla vs. Bear's Best Tracks of the Decade

Hey, I just noticed that Gorilla vs. Bear put out a best tracks list, too. It's kind of similar to Pitchfork's, but that's okay because both lists are pretty good (and mine is going to be similar as well). However, this list is not a top 500, it's a top 40 (well, two top 40's); it's much better suited for those with short attention spans. These ones have a lot of songs I like, but don't love. Which is okay.

Without further ado, the entire list is here, and the top 10's (spoiler alert) are listed below.

Chris's List
10. Clipse--Grindin (I just don't like them that much)
9. Grouper--Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping (great song, but not this great)
8. Radiohead--Idioteque (again? Really?)
7. White Denim--Let's Talk About It (never heard it before, but I don't like the band too much)
6. Animal Collective--My Girls (again? I prefer "Fireworks")
5. The Walkmen--The Rat (I don't like this band or song)
4. UGK feat. Outkast--Int'l Player's Anthem (see #9's caption)
3. The Knife--Heartbeats (see above caption)
2. Outkast--B.O.B. (can't really argue with this one)
1. Panda Bear--Bro's (probably a top 25 song, but not #1)

David's List
10. Burial--Shell of Light (great, but I prefer "Archangel")
9. The Knife--Heartbeats (still a little high)
8. Panda Bear--Bro's (see above)
7. Wilco--War on War (I'm not a big Wilco fan)
6. Spoon--The Beast And Dragon, Adored (I'm not a big Spoon fan)
5. Animal Collective (good song, but not this good)
4. Radiohead--Kid A (at least it's not Idioteque)
3. Sonic Youth--Sympathy For The Strawberry (I like the love for Murray Street)
2. Panda Bear--Good Girl/Carrots (once again: good, but not this good)
1. The Strokes--Hard To Explain (for the last time: good, but not this good)

There you go. Let the Decade list mania continues...

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